Standard Cancellation Policy

Early Access Standard Cancellation Policy
Early Access Standard Cancellation Policy

When a user submits a Scrim request to a Host they agree to carry out the Scrim at the designated time they selected at the time of purchase, so long as the Host ACCEPTS the Scrim request. If the Host denies the Scrim request then they are not subject to carry out any Scrim. Users’ funds will be automatically refunded in 7-10 business days. It is best practice to contact the Host prior to submitting a Scrim request.

There are a few exceptions where this policy may be flexible including:

  • Technical Booking Error/Glitch
  • User’s genuine error in scheduled Scrim time (change time necessary)
  • Accidental request user must immediately contact support within 15 mins submission)
  • User & Host mutually agree to cancel or change times of the Scrim via an immutable communication channel such as our in-app chat (in this situation contact support immediately to confirm arrangements).
  • The host is refusing or is negligent to carry out the Scrim as per their description (For Example: intentionally rushing games, tampering to fulfill quickly, not engaging in good faith, cutting short)