Scrim Usage

Best Practices

Users Contact Hosts
Contact Scrim Hosts before you submit a Scrim request. This will help against unnecessary authorizations on your credit/debit card in case the Host is unable to accept your request.
Users Protection
Record EVERYTHING, or record as much content from your Scrim sessions as possible. This includes not only gameplay or streaming content but Chat material via screenshots in case of dispute or disagreement.
Hosts Protection
Be sure not to schedule Scrims too close to each other. Please communicate with Users in situations of rescheduling as well as inabilities to fulfill Scrims. Also contact support in instances of rescheduled Scrims. Scrims must be completed within 3 days of scheduling.
Scrim Usage

Scrim Fulfillment

User Professionalism
Please show up on time for your scheduled Scrim. If there is a need to rescheduling Scrims, it can be done solely at the desecration or mutual agreement of the Scrim Host.
User Acknowledgment
You can complete a Scrim prior to the scheduled time if the Host is available and agrees.
Host Professionalism
Please ensure you have the ability to fulfill Scrims prior to setting up Scrims on any of our supported game titles. This includes being on the available to fulfill on a particular gaming platform, chat/co-hosting, video co-hosting and also the length or individual games of our supported video games on Scrim.
Host Acknowledgment
Scrims must be marked as complete within 3 days time to avoid delays in your payment. If you mark your Scrim as complete and it still shows in your completion tab that means the User has not mutually confirmed completion. Please contact the user. If the user is not compliant or there is a dispute please contact support. @ScrimSupport or info@letsscrim.com
Getting Paid


Please set up your credit/debit cards In your wallet to purchase Scrims. Currently debit cards cannot be removed in app, but if there is an urgent need to remove a payment method please contact support.
Payments from users clear typically within 2-3 business days. By default your payments are set to deposit to your default bank account every 2 business days after payments are cleared. If you choose to hold a balance you will see it directly in your Scrim Wallet as well as in your Wallet Dashboard.
Known Bugs

Known Limitations + Other

Hosts Limitations
Currently, there is no way to remove or edit Host’s Scrims. If there is an urgent need to remove a Scrim or edit the content of a Scrim please contact info@letsscrim.com.
Hosts Scrims For Individual Games

The Scrim’s completed counter related to an individual title by an individual user is currently bugged. It’ll be fixed in later updates for iOS & Android.

 This does not apply to overall Scrims completed.
Host Booking Options
Users may sometimes experience blank lines of length options due to limited options enabled by the Host. This isn’t an app-breaking bug but if it becomes an inconvenience to the User or Hosts due to Scrims without length (or unclear fulfillment) please contact support immediately.
Account or Sensitive Material Removal

If you would like to delete your Scrim account or remove other sensitive information please contact info@letsscrim.com
We have a ZERO-tolerance policy for harassment in any form on Scrim. If you would like to report any instances of harassment experienced by yourself or another user please contact us immediately at info@letsscrim.com.
Fraud / Tampering / Glitching / Hacking / Illegal Activies
We have a ZERO-tolerance policy for malicious actions to other users, hosts, the Scrim platform itself. If we discover that someone is attempting to circumvent other user's personal information, our platform or doing anything where they may be criminally liable. We will not only permanently ban them but potentially seek legal actions against them.

Handling Disputes

Users Liability
If a Host does not show up to a Scrim that they have accepted please reach out to the Host to mutually resolve and fulfill the Scrim. If you don’t find success in handling directly with the Host please contact info@letsscrim.com or @ScrimSupport immediately.
Hosts Liability
If a User does not show up to a Scrim session they have scheduled please attempt to reschedule with the user. If that is not possible please contact us for a possible resolution to the dispute.
Please read our Early Access Standard Cancellation Policy prior to taking further actions such as contacting support.
Host Tampering
We have a ZERO-tolerance policy for tampering which involves bad faith actions to mark a Scrim as fulfilled. This is outlined in more detail on our Early Access Cancellation Policy page.