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Scrim is a platform that gives gamers, influencers, and content creators a way to connect with their audience while earning revenue off of their likeness through services. Users have the opportunity to play with content creators, skilled-players, and influencers directly on our platform.

Getting Started Scrim iOS Ver. 2.0 / Android Ver 1.3
Hosts Starter Guide (Important)
Users Starter Guide (Important)
Getting Started Scrim iOS Ver. 2.0 / Android Ver 1.3

Download Scrim on the iOS App Store now or on Android now. Scrim is completely free to sign-up.

iOS Link –
Android Link –

Hosts Starter Guide (Important)

To become a Host login to your Scrim account and Setup your Wallet. By setting up your wallet in-app you agree to our Terms & Conditions outlined in-app on our website here.

  • It is very important that you Complete & validate your Stripe account prior to uploading Scrims to avoid any issues. After sign-up check your dashboard to confirm that your account is Complete & Active.
  • You can upload Scrims via the yellow + Button or on our menu under Add/Manage Scrims
  • Scrim Currently supports 12 games including Apex Legends, Call of Duty MW/Warzone/Cold War (at launch), GTAV, Valorant, DBFZ, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate/Melee, Tekken 7, SFV, Fortnite, Rogue Company, NBA 2K21, and Rocket League
  • We also support multiple gaming platforms including PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X, PC, Origin, Epic Games & Steam
  • Streaming platforms on Scrim including: Facebook Gaming, Twitch & YouTube
Users Starter Guide (Important)

Users can sign-up for Scrim for free after downloading the app on iOS or Android. To purchase a Scrim from Hosts, Users must add a valid credit/debit card in their wallet.

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